Phantasm and other gigs October

November 5, 2007

Originally posted in other blog…

Has been a while and only typing here now after coming back from the most excellent Phantasm in Whelans so I dont type long drunk rambling emails to the presenters that I met! Was definitely the best Phantasm since I have started going- great groups, great vibe, and was great to actually chat with some of the presenters whose shows I like. Really sound people I must say and looking forward to the next one!

Now- down to business with the gigs. The only big one that I have managed to make it to recently was LCD Soundsystem in Tripod. Managed to get a ticket when they moved the venue and released some extra ones. Saw them at Electric Picnic but they were just superb in Tripod. Definitely better to see them indoors than out- had a great vibe going the whole nite and even though with the slow songs at the end you just wanted them to keep on going! Met some non-gig friends afterwards and had to put up with a shite DJ but you cant have everything!!

Have been to see some of the smaller Irish groups recently as well. Took the boys down to Tower to see Dark Room Notes. Really like their music since I saw them in Crawdaddy a good few months back. Was great to bring the boys along as well for once- great to show them what a live band is like. The oldest had a few words with the drummer which is great since he and his brother are taking drumming lessons….and I am going to get some custom earplugs made courtesy of a Dr friend!!
Also took Nadia (Russian friend) to Lauren Guillery and the Claws (along with Ojos Robos and Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters) Lauren was her usual excellent self and Nadia quite liked her as well. Wasnt really into Ojos Robos but the Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters had a great sound. Very small turnout for that gig but was still good…deaf afterwards though!

Now to Phantasm- twas Phantom Fm’s 1st birthday party so the had a bash in Whelans with The Chapters, Neosupervital and The Future Kings of Spain. Great crowd tonight- some of the other Phantasms have been hit and miss depending on the groups but tonight was right on the button. The Chapters had a couple of good songs but as a whole they were just missing something. Neosupervital were quite good and love the electric 80’s vibe they have. The Future Kings of Spain just rocked and nobody was going to stop them!! Defintely best group of the night and they deserve all the talk I have heard about them.

Met so many of the Phantom presenters as well- first saw Pearl downstairs (excellent Sunday morning show) and then when I wandered upstairs I saw the excellent Nadine O’Regan (Kiosk on Saturday morning-best show in my books by far) Had a good chat with her and then met Derek Byrne (Album archive and Bedrock on Sunday nights) and had a good chat with him as well. Derek actually brought me over to where some of the Phantom people were and introduced me to a few others….some of them I admit I cant remember (especially not when I am typing this at 3 in the morning with just a weee bit too much vodka!) but met Laura Lee Conboy (Spiral Stares on Wed night), Not so Sinister Pete (Pure morning), Louise Mannion (news), Brian Daly (something management). Must say they are all really geniune people and the enthusiasm they have in their shows really shows when you meet them.
Was then having a chat with a sexy Shelly but had to run at that stage so didnt quite last to the bitter end but close! Had a week without the boys since they were in Portugal and have to collect them from the airport tomorrow…will hopefully be sober by then! And then there is the gig tomorrow night….Idlewild in the Village! Have been listening to them for years so cant wait!! It only dawned on me today that the boys plane might be late and I will not be a happy camper if I miss this! Anyway- off to bed…know that I will post a few things on Myspace and Facebook tomorrow but at least they wont be drunken ramblings….ramblings maybe but not drunken:-)


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