An alternate viewpoint on Battles…

November 6, 2007

Had this posted on MySpace by a friend when I had Battles ‘Atlas‘ up as the song and would just like to share her thoughts:

Oke..hmm, know its all down to personal taste and all that, but the track on yer home page has my ears bleeding. Reminds me of being drunk, and wandering around a club looking for my friends, texting them whilst simaltaneiously(spell check?) trying to navigate my way thru dancefloors and lycra cladded wannabees..is it just me??!…yours….”THE” rock chick.(what was i doing in that club in the first place!!!)

Ok- not everybody is going to be a Battles fan but I have to admit that I am hooked!  Best gig I have been to this year and their live performance just blows away what they have done on the cd.  The header picture is a still from their ‘Tonto‘ video  which was done by United Visual Artists which have other stunning displays as well.  You can find Tonto+ with remixes and the ‘Atlas’ and ‘Tonto’ music videos at Road Records in Dublin.


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