Electric Picnic 2008- Early Bird tickets only

November 10, 2007

[UPDATE- Click HERE for the post on the Lineup so far or HERE for the press release from the EP site.

The EP site itself isn’t the most user friendly at first glance but just wait a few seconds for the fit-inducing colours to fade and then you will see an area on the top left, second row down where you can click and it will bring up the lineup so far with the acts highlighted as to stature.  FYI- Tickets are €240 for the weekend camping pass-no single day passes as per the last couple of years.]

Edit- since this is getting some traffic just to let you know that the lineup is not going to be released till the spring 08 and your guess is as good as mine!

For those of you that arent on the Electric Picnic mailing list they have released Early Bird tickets for next year. I know its a definitely early with it being about 10 months away but I bought mine this morning after all the hassle I had last year in getting one after it sold out. Dare I say there is actually somebody nice working in Ticketmaster? The girl at the desk actually told me to use cash to save money on their charges! Anyway the blurb from the email:

ELECTRIC PICNIC 2008 – EARLY BIRD TICKETS As the sheep of Stradbally Hall finally get rid of the ringing in their ears we can announce that early bird tickets for the 2008 festival go on sale next Friday 9th November. Next year’s festival will take place on 29th, 30th & 31st August and will feature the usual mix of cutting edge and iconic musical artistes, the same array of zany characters and colours, more multisensory adventures plus lots of new quirks & oddities. And that’s just the Lost Vagueness tent! “A magnificent rock’n’roll circus…A textbook example of what a music festival should be”. Billboard Magazine Line-up announcement coming Spring 2008. The limited Early Bird tickets will be priced at E199 and available from Ticketmaster and usual outlets. 24 Hrs: 0818 719 300. Buy online; http://www.ticketmaster.ie / Telephone & Internet bookings subject to E6.35 / Local agents E2.25


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