EP2007 groups I am still listening to…

November 10, 2007

Getting the ticket for Electric Picnic 2008 has reminded me of the groups that I am still listening to after EP2007.  The majority of them played in the Foggy Notions Tent which seemed to be the best tent for me this year. 

Bat for Lashes has an excellent cd in Fur and Gold and I especially like the cover of I’m on Fire- although when its playing in my head afterwards there is a funny duet going on with Natasha and Bruce.

Loney, Dear has the Loney, Noir album that was re-released since he (Emil) has become popular.  Incredibly catchy tunes and they are constantly on the mp3 player.  You can find one of the tracks and two of their videos on the Sub Pop website that you can download for free.

Angus and Julia Stone– mellow sound but good for the quiet times.

Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip– they only have a single out but you can catch some of their other tunes on YouTube.  Excellent vibe and sorry I missed him when they were in Dublin afterwards.

LCD Soundsystem– the only non Foggy Notions tent group.  Just fantastic beats and managed to catch them in the Tripod since.  Multilayered and it just builds and builds until you have no choice but to move!


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