Planet Terror

November 10, 2007

Managed to go see this at lunch yesterday- yes flexi time is excellent if the film is short enough.

Typical Robert Rodriguez fare- blazing guns, explosions, body bits but more tongue in cheek (or in Rodriguez terms tongue erupting through cheek and mutating into a creature that will bite off your head) than some of his other films.  Some of his usual actors and of course some of the characters from the companion piece Deathproof.  Good  to see  Freddie Rodriguez on the big screen again- he was very good in the excellent flic Harsh Times.  I knew that Tarantino was going to make an appearance at some stage and while he may have had slightly too much air time for a cameo it is memorable. 

You know what to expect out of this film and it does deliver- no great surprises but think this would have been better in Grindhouse as it was originally released in the US.  No catchy tunes either that Tarantino always manages to fit into his films.  As genre pieces Tarantino’s film was the better of the two but both are enjoyable. 

Just checked to see if Rodriguez is going to make Machete which is the fake trailer that is at the beginning of the film with the excellent character actor Danny Trejo.  It’s currently posted as ‘in production’ so will just have to wait and see if this happens. 


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