Elizabeth- The Golden Age

November 11, 2007

Finally getting around to the second film I saw on Friday….

Thought that this was a very good follow up to Elizabeth- just about 10 years ago which is just the right amount of time to pass to show the more mature Elizabeth.   Great performances all around- both the main cast and supporting roles are very strong and give weight to the film.  Of course once I hear Cate Blanchette’s voice I am hooked and cannot take my eyes off her!  She simply has the presence of a queen on screen and is as captivating as ever.  Clive Owen was a bit mawkish at times and I think that the film focused just a bit too much on Raleigh but overall the film was a very good costume drama.  The story did dip on occassion and the battle scene was just a tad too much with the music trying to whip up the emotion that wasnt really there.  I did like how they blended some scenes from the original into the dance sequence- I forgot how fresh face Cate looked.  Overall this isnt a must see but if you liked Elizabeth then you should enjoy this outing.


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