November 14, 2007

Second film yesterday….


Silk is a slow burner to be sure but it is full of emotions, feelings, unrequited love and sadness.  The story does wane a bit at the beginning but once it leaves the could-be-anywhere towns of Europe and reaches Japan you have a real sense of belonging and being in a special place.  It always takes me a while to warm up to Michael Pitt but he does an great job.  As much as I love Keira Knightley she comes out a bit one dimensional at the beginning and it is only towards the end that you feel that she is a person.  Of course with her being in Atonement recently where there was a stronger script with a more developed character she gave a much better performance there.  

One thing that I really loved about the film was that there was no subtitles at all for the Japanese- your other senses are forced to kick in to try and understand what is going on and I think that the film is much stronger for it.  Overall the film left me with a deeper impression than any film recently but that is probably just the romantic in me.  To touch the way they touch would be a great thing.


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