Phantasm- November

November 19, 2007

Another month, another great Phantasm!  Was a bit quieter than normal with the lousy weather but a decent crowd in the end.  The lineup was fairly good with Superjimenez, The Radio, and Red Kid.  Superjimenez were excellent and I really like their vibe- some great tracks that have some airplay and a shame that they were on first since the crowd wasn’t huge at that stage.  The Radio I have mixed feelings about since I saw them in the Sugarclub- they can have some catchy tunes but there is just no punch to them at all- radio friendly is the nicest thing I can say about them (not particularly a compliment).  Red Kid was superb- nearing on gypsie rock on occasion and really great to get the crowd going- lead singer had a bit of dancing with the crowd just to make sure!  Afterwards some great tunes on the decks by the excellent Derek Byrne of Album Archive and The Lounge on Phantom.

Radio City itself is a great place to have it- like the layout and you can usually manage to see the band- probably not suited for some of the bigger groups but perfect for that night.  Had a chat with Derek and some of the other Phantom people I hadn’t met properly before- Brian from sales and Eavann who I had actually talked to at the last one when she was dressed as Amy Winehouse and I didn’t twig that it was her!  She pointed out the fantastic guy up next to the stage who was doing something that could be construed as dancing- it really defies description as to how he was moving but was a good spectacle.  I will never feel embarrassed by my moves again!! Saying that I didn’t make it to the dance floor with the migraine brewing- never a good thing when you are out!  Had a chat with Tayna as well who I have bumped into a couple of times but unsurprisingly in Radio City since she books the groups there.  There is another night at Radio City called Revolver that will have The Minutes and would love to see them but am going to France soon so the gigs will have to wait!



  1. Superjimenez – Excellent! Solid, energetic and catchy songs. Set the night up perfectly. Ones to watch…

    The Radio – Dreadful. Guitarist is the most ignorant band member I have ever seen. If you’re reading this: If people don’t clap for your shitty songs, it’s cos they don’t like them. Don’t tell people to “clap for the fucking song”. Punters don’t appreciate that shit. Also, incoherent sound, tuning problems, too many on stage, over-use of backing tracks. Total rubbish

    RedKid – Fantastic front man (though he wasn’t playing an instrument!), great band, whippy tunes…an absolute delight to watch!

    Venue – perfect for Phantasm. Great sound, nice atmosphere

    Dancing man – Most ridiculously funny dancer I have seen in a long time! Think everyone was amused!

    Great night. 2/3 bands put on as good a show as your likely to see on the New Band Stage at Oxegen or wherever. Have to admit, I was dubious when the lineup was revealed. Even more dubious when I had to pay 12euro in, nonetheless, I was not disappointed.

    Good work phantom!

  2. have developed a real passion for Superjimenez even though i didnt catch this gig. Ive been to a few of their gigs before. Their stuff is really catchy and they really play with gusto. I love the way the bassist and lead guitarist play the crowd and the singer just does his thing and does it well. Surprised they havent had more exposure but ill be checking out their next gig for sure.

    Have seen The Radio support Superjimenez (or maybe vice versa) a few times and have to agree regarding the use of backing tracks and their attitude. Werent they really the next big thing for a while?

    Good recommendation on RedKid, next on my “to see” list!!

    Great blog.

  3. Thanks guys- hopefully the next Phantasm will have some new great bands as well! Kind of hope they don’t have one in December though since between the other gigs and all the Crimbo parties there aren’t any free nights!

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