November 21, 2007

About as personal as I am ever going to get here. 

Hardcore is the moniker which I have been getting the last few years with my neat/straight Vodka drinking and while I do love that image a rather different moniker has been used by friends- Bubbly Boy!

The reason behind both monikers is that I have numerous intolerances to food, chemicals and even water these days.  One of my friends has told me that if I were a dog he would have me put down!  I have been thinking of prostituting my body to medical science but to be honest I don’t want them turning me into something like the Elephant man.  So living in a plastic bubble might be the best way to go!

I have something called Orofacial-granulamatosis ….or if you want to sound really hip with Doctors you can just say OFG.   Actually even mentioning it to a doctor will leave them baffled anyway since there really is no information
on it at all.  You can find the google here.

It appears to be something that you have a genetic disposition to and will kick in when triggered by certain factors…I am blaming my mother for subjecting me to Government testing when I was a baby and living in the close proximity to some Nuclear weapons;-)   (Both true….but only some sort of cognitive testing and I only found out about the small nuclear missiles about 10 miles from away when they were declassified).

I do not have an allergic reaction but I am intolerant to somethings and just hyper-sensitive to others. I pretty much follow a coeliac’s diet even though I am not coeliac…I say that I am sometimes though to save the hassle of explaining everything.   Just to make it interesting as well I get severe migraines so that cuts out another swath of food that I should not eat.   On a positive note I came across this in the Economist recently so I probably have a negative percent chance of ever having cancer.

I will not list all of my intolerances but these are the main ones that I have to avoid:

Wheat (and Oats and most other grains)- well pretty much in everything from bread (of course), pasta (people actually forget about that and still say to me at least you can eat pasta!), soups, sausages, crisps….etc

MSG- mono-sodium glutamate (E620-E625) and its cousins maltodexterin and dextrose.  In nearly everything and bloody insipid.  

Benzoic acid (E210-E219)….in nearly everything since it is a very cheap way to kill off the germs in water and water based items in softdrinks, shampoos, soaps…list goes on

Triethanolamine- another pernicious one…in shampoos, soaps, eye gels…

Water- yes water!  Mostly the bottled ones though with high sulfate levels but also some of the filters that use silver nitrate.

At this stage I know for the most part what I can have and I don’t have to read the back of everything I buy- tis a pain though when the manufacturer changes the ingredients and I only realize it afterwards.

So the next time you see me in a pub with my neat vodka then you will understand that I am not an alcoholic but that it is just about the only safe thing that I can have to drink!  So all in all I probably should be in a bubble…then again I would probably have some reaction to the plastic;-)

All of this notwithstanding- ask the friends- I will beat them hands down in a drinking competition so I am hardcore!!


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