France- Ooh la la!

November 29, 2007

Back from France yesterday and a woeful migraine so no blogging last night.  Its my own fault really since my French friend introduced me to some Lindt chocolate with chili and I had far far too much!  Absolutely orgasmic is all I can say- best chocolate that I have had in a long time and if you just let it melt in your mouth it is damn fine!   Not hot at all but leaves you with a lovely warm feeling in the mouth and it really brings out the flavour of the chocolate.  Don’t know who had the idea first but this was the secret ingredient in the film Chocolat.   I liked it so much that when we went to the supermarket I bought what was left on the shelves to give to some special people here.   Got just a few strange looks with 12 bars of the same thing but this chocolate is really worth it! 

The trip itself was as relaxing as usual- I go quite often to visit the friend and god-daughter so I just sit back and relax which is something I don’t get to do here.  She also happens to be an excellent cook which goes quite well with me being an excellent eater so quiet symbiotic I think.   Not so much rest this time though since she has some new additions to the apartment- a new kitten and puppy to go with the other 3 cats.   The new kitten (Plume) absolutely loves me and was waking me up at all hours to share her love.   I forgot what cat tongues can be like and she is one of the lick-iest cats I have ever seen….the fact that I thought there was a nail file being repeatedly dragged across my face at 4 in the morning will give you a good image there!   I have never owned a cat…or been a slave to one depending on which way you look at it…but they seem to have some sort of affinity with me which can be nice but just not that early in the morning!  Then Sherlock the new puppy-come-horse had to get in on the act as well and made sure that I had lots of dog ‘kisses’.   The puppy is nearly 4 months old and already the god-daughter can ride him like a horse! 

Spent some time as well comparing music- some groups both of us have heard of but she had a lot of new groups for me to listen to so will be trying to catch up over the next couple of weeks.  Most of the music can be found at Europe2 and the majority are groups that sing in English- I am still amazed at the number of foreign groups/acts that sing in English in their home country.   There is a very good blog from two of the presenters called Nagui et Manu which has some playlists and podcasts- I even came across Ireland’s very own Duke Special in a fairly decent live studio set there.   The site is easy enough to navigate but having a bit of French would be helpful of course.

I must say that the website for Europe2 is fantastic and I hope that when Phantom goes national (presuming that is the plan) that they will be able to expand their website to include some of the elements there…all down to advertising revenue I know!  Saying that- I still prefer the overall type of music and vibe of Phantom over Europe2. 

Will leave you with one of the groups that I came across who’s singer has quite a catchy voice….then again I am always a sucker for a female with accented English…be it Cork, Fermanagh, French or Finish!

Called Thedo (Zhe-doo is at least how the friend pronounced it)

Although not an official video and just the song.


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