The Darjeeling Limited

December 3, 2007

The Royal Tenenbaums has always been a Wes Anderson favourite but I wasn’t sure what to expect after the Life Aquatic- it did not get off to a good start with the short below.

Hotel Chevalier
While I am not one to complain about seeing Natalie Portman- especially that much of her-  this short story before the film could have easily been incorporated into the film itself.  I think the audience said it all when the film finally started and some of them clapped!  I love shorts but this was far too slow and really pointless except for setting up a few parts in the film. 

The Darjeeling Limited
So once the short was over and the film started the pace did pick up and the story of the three brothers  unfolded.  All the main actors are excellent:  Owen Wilson as the older brother running the show, Adrian Brody as the hipster and Jason Schwartzman as the lost one.  The asides between brothers are funny enough at the start but it gets a bit tiresome after a couple of times.  The same can be said for how the film shows the dynamics between them so not only are you expecting it but you are dreading when it happens again.
However, there are points in this film where everything just splendidly works.  Some very humorous scenes and great one-liners that just define their characters to a T.  Also some absolutely stunning scenes where you just empathise completely with the characters and what they are going through.  Some great cinematography on occasions as well although the use of zoom is a bit ludicrous.  The music for the film is used extremely well and sets the tone for the scenes perfectly.
Overall I really liked this film- it has some great moments and you will feel that you have experienced something that you will remember after the film has ended. 


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