Am I being haunted by the Muppets?

December 8, 2007

Why is it everytime I go into YouTube there is a link for the Muppets?  I was looking for a singer that a friend told me about at lunch which I thought was called Prendergast but cant seem to find anything.  Found a link for a short film which then had the Muppet link for this tribute to Jim Henson.   Now I am not complaining since Jim Henson has always been a big part of my life since I grew up with Sesame Street and Kermit but it just seems strange the Muppets come up no matter what I look for!  He is also a local boy to me (just outside Washington D.C.) and we share the alma mater University of Maryland.  Anyway- the video is quite well done and reminds me of the Wilkins Coffee commercials that he did for for the local stations in the early 60’s.  The commercials themselves are quite heavy handed by todays standards but are delightfully dark!

Muppets Overtime

Wilkins Coffee

Wiklins Coffee 2

Wilkins Coffee 3


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