of Montreal Gig Dublin

December 9, 2007

First the venue since it was the first time there:
The Button Factory is pretty darn cool I must say- kind of a cross between The Sugar Club and The Village– not sure the sound booth is in the right place though since it takes a good bit of the floor space.  One thing that was quite obvious when I walked in was that this is Hipster Haven….it could have just been because Of Montreal were playing but it was quite funny just to sit back and watch them in action!

The support act Les Bien were very good indeed.  When I first heard the dance tunes start I was thinking that it was way too early for them but they are quite catchy and have almost a Daft Punk feel to them…in fact one song I could hear whisperings of  Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.  Nice to see they weren’t crouched over a laptop for the set- was surprised when one of them started playing percussion and then shock horror he actually sang without a voice changer which was refreshing.  Good group so will hopefully catch a longer set from them sometime.

of Montreal  

Hard to put a category on the group since they do a bit of genre hopping but deliciously dark alternative pop is the best way to describe them.  Thought when they first came on stage that they were a bit cold and just going through the motions but after about a few songs they stopped and the lead (Kevin Barnes) had a chat with the audience and again after a couple more songs so quite a good rapport.  He mentioned that they will have a free day in Dublin tomorrow and was looking for somebody to hang around with…wonder if he will get any takers?!  He does a wardrobe change quite frequently but that is built into the timing of the songs so never a dull moment to be had.  Overall a great vibe from the band- Kevin has a fabulous voice and quite catchy tunes. 

They opened with The Past is a Grotesque Animal which is my favourite from the current album Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?  Alas this isn’t on their MySpace site and there doesn’t appear to be an official YouTube for it and I will not link to a substandard fan YouTube since the sound will be shite.  You can stream the whole album from here though which is very kind of Polyvinyl and the song is track 7.  Some other good tracks that they played in the encore are She’s a Rejector (track 11) and Bunny Ain’t no kind of Rider (track 8).

YouTubes for some of the other catchy songs they played. 

Gronlandic Edit

Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse

Suffer for fashion

And finally one that I noticed with my name being Tim….they didnt play this at the gig but it’s quite humourous!

Tim I Wish You Were Born a Girl


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  1. […] Kevin Barnes voice seemed more powerful and confident than it was in his last show here and with the setlist mixing up the new and old songs it really gave the tunes a different shape […]

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