Phantasm New Years Eve 07- NOW SOLD OUT!

December 9, 2007

Haven’t heard this on air and no details on the Phantom site yet but on The Village site they have some details: 

Monday 31 December
Phantom 105.2 presents
fetauring :Fight Like Apes
Phantom 105 DJ’s& very special guests

Tickets available from WaV Box Office

Tickets are €20 and doors at 8.

So some more Fight Like Apes which are an excellent group- looking forward to it!!

EDIT- Full details can be found here but for those lazy clickers here are the details:

Phantom 105.2 presents PHANTASM: THE ALTERNATIVE NEW YEARS PARTY at The Village Venue, 26 Wexford St. on December 31st with a fantastic line up of Fight Like ApesRedkid [2nd Edit- Redkid is new and A Lazarus Soul are no longer on the billing] and Betamax Format.  Live music will be followed by Phantom 105.2 DJ’s who will rock you rather loudly into 2008! Admission is €20.00 (incl. booking fee) and tickets are available in advance from the WAV Ticketbox Tel: 1890 200 078, Road Records, City Discs and online at http://www.tickets.ie. Tickets to this event are limited and over 18’s ID

Throwing up some YouTubes of the groups as well:

Fight Like Apes

[2nd Edit] A Lazarus Soul is no longer on the billing!

Now its Redkid

Betamax Format

And here is a good one of some of the Phantom DJ’s

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  1. […] TenaciousT « Iron and Wine on Sub Pop New Years Eve Gigs…undecided December 30, 2007 Am a bit torn as to which gig to go to on New Years Eve- it’s a toss up between the Phantasm in the Village and Jape in Whelans.  The venues are right next to each other so it looks like it will be a coin toss when I get there.  Haven’t seen Jape so I am leaning towards Whelans but Fight Like Apes will be in the Phantasm and even though I have seen them twice already this year they are bloody good!  Other post on Phantasm here. […]

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