Christmas is coming, the exchequer’s getting fat…

December 10, 2007

Well not from me he isn’t!  No I am not being a Grinch, but it just doesn’t feel like the Christmas season to me at all for some reason this year.  It hasn’t helped that the lights have been up in town for a few weeks already and I have had to contend with the shopping crowds during the week.  I do think that Christmas in Dublin has become more material than it use to be when I first came over in 1992 and sometimes it has reached the hysteria levels of the States when it comes to buying as much as possible.  With money comes a lack of sense it seems.  I might have rose tinted glasses but back then the shopping would start later and the season was more of a family affair.  I also remember fondly that you would call into the neighbors for a spot of Christmas spirit…literally of course which was a big surprise to me the first year when I went into a few of the neighbors and I was completely drunk by noon! 

Of course I have waited too long to send Christmas cards and presents to the States so I have turned again to The Hunger Site and under its umbrella the sites Breast Cancer, Child Health, Literacy, Rainforest, and Animal Rescue.  Some of the profits from the items you buy are given over to different organisations in the form of some sort of aid depending on the site so at least you get a warm fuzzy feeling when shopping for Christmas gifts the lazy way.  I still have to sort out some of the presents for here and have yet to buy the drums for the boys (they still cannot agree on a colour!).  The real fun will start with the Christmas parties next week when I will have two in a row and then a gig on the third day (the excellent Dark Room Notes and Lauren Guillery)  So I will be just about hanging in there and should be hangover free by the time Christmas actually arrives!


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