When blogging gets personal

December 16, 2007

Only a quick one tonight since a bloody cold has finally caught up with me….and I can’t even blame any Christmas parties for being run down since they are later on this week!  Oh well the vodka at the parties will be medicinal;-)

Anyway- Luncheon Roll had quite a stroppy remark left about her thoughts of The Blonde Majority who were supporting Butterfly Explosion at a gig in Crawdaddy.  It has now turned into a little drama but I must admit Luncheon Roll has been very good in defending her position.  I think it is quite funny how readers can take offence about somebody’s personal thoughts on a group- it’s all down to personal preference isn’t it?  At least it is no where near as nasty as the little comments fight that was going on in Nialler9’s blog about the Go!Team!



  1. Outside in the tinselled streets the world is awash with goodwill to all men. Here in the blogosphere, it’s bleak and backspace at the ready. All the blogs seem to be getting their share of snippy visitors lately, in fact…

  2. Aye there does seem to be something in the air in the blogosphere! Can’t believe The Blonde Majority blocked you in MySpace- how petty is that?!

  3. If a band are going to take a review that personally, they might as well give up now. If you’re in a band, you have to be able to accept criticism (and more), otherwise you’re completely fucked.

  4. Well that’s the opinion of a sane Shane! But yes, all bands should be well-prepared to accept bad reviews, especially when they’re still learning the ropes. One journo deemed an early performance of The Kinetiks as “The Kooks without the hooks”…owch.
    But rather than throwing a strop and never speaking to the man again, they took his advice and re-thought their stage presence. And accordingly stormed the unsigned circuit, gathering raves along the way. Plus, they’re all best of friends now.

    As for TBM blocking me, Tim… you said it. Petty. No skin off my nose though I will be checking them out again in a while to see if they sound any better…

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