Christmas party and being a music snob

December 21, 2007

Had the Christmas party with friends last night and while it was entertaining it was overshadowed by the fact that I have become a music snob.  It didn’t help matters that I was missing a PJ Harvey gig in order to be out with friends….something that if I had to do over I probably would have done differently.

Anyway the party first:

The music for the night I thought was going to be along a classical theme which can be quite good depending on what is being played.  I was mistaken though and the only classical element was a violinist that played during the meal- a very nice woman called Pat Treacy who is a very capable player but I will probably remember her more for her low cut dress which I had never seen a violinist wear for obvious reasons.  The second group that were up were some sort of percussion group that were pretty good if predictable (think Riverdance) but they did surprise me when they played one of my favourite Fat Boy Slims B-sides with a great Brazillian beat- Everybody Loves A Carnival.

There was a group that came on called the Camembert Quartet which through my naivety I had presumed would be a classical quartet but was rudely shocked to find out that they are a cover band who cannot carry a note and play bad pop songs.  It wasn’t just me who thought this but the friends whose musical tastes would be vastly different from mine thought the same.  When they finally finished there was then another cover band called Ultravoxx who were ok- nothing special but decent enough and at least were singing in tune.

The crowd was ok- the usual mix of girls falling out of their dresses and the group of 40 somethings.   The highlight of the night for me was actually the girl who was waiting on our table- a captivating Polish girl called Aneta- her smile could stop wars! I must admit I am a sucker for a natural smile though and there is only one other woman this year whose smile has captivated me like that. 

As the friends and I do on our nights out we put our drinking money into a kitty and just get the rounds out of that.  Unfortunately this usually means it gets into the hands of the fastest drinker who then goes up to the bar what seems like every 5 mins for another round!  With drinking straight vodka it can get very heavy indeed and I only lasted till 2am…the friends came up at about half 4 but thankfully I didn’t wake up until 6 for more Solpadeine…my body knows at this stage when the 4 hours are up and I can take some more!!

I then made it into work for 5 mins to check my emails before the work xmas lunch today…and of course yet more drinks after that!  Thankfully for my liver I had to leave early to mind the boys.
That is where the niceties end and the music snobbery begins-
I do not judge the music that other people like but I have discovered that I can no longer tolerate being around music that I do not like. With there finally being a decent radio station in this country now and with going to more gigs I have surrounded myself with the type of music I like and I get very irked nowadays when I have to put up with music that I consider substandard. 

What really irked me last night though was that I could have seen PJ Harvey.  I had only heard the first rumours of her gig half an hour after the party was booked so there was no changing plans there and as bad as it may sound, at the moment, I actually regret putting my friends first and not going to the gig.  I still would have had to pay for the night out…150….and then another 70 for PJ tickets but I think I would have had a more enjoyable night.  The reactions about the gig from friends has not helped my mood-  I text one friend last night to please tell me that she wasn’t good to make me feel better but she text back and said that she was ‘fucking amazing’.  I got similar reactions from another two friends so I am really in a funk for missing her….and the hangover is not helping much either!


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