Whelans- Dark Room Notes, Lauren Guillery and the Claws and The Laundry Shop

December 22, 2007

Still dying with a cold last night…and quite possibly from all the vodka I have had over the last few days!  Dragged myself into town though for the gig in Whelans since I had been looking forward to this for a while…alone again but more on that later.  Ended up in my usual spot for Whelans which is by the pillar- I usually try for there so I am not blocking anybody and still close enough to enjoy it!

Lauren Guillery and the Claws
They were great as always- Laurens voice as strong as ever and the Claws giving a very good punch to the music.  They were on just after 8 which is unusual for an Irish audience that are use to the groups starting hours after the doors open and not minutes.  Shame that there weren’t more people there to hear her but hopefully with some more exposure and the new tunes they have recorded that they will get the crowds.  They do have a gig in Cork in January with the excellent God is An Astronaut so hopefully that will go good for them.  If you head over to her MySpace page she sometimes has tracks free to download- no copies left of her EP so that will be the only way to get it!

No professional YouTubes for her but here is a decent one from one of her gigs- sans Claws unfortunately
Do You?

The Laundry Shop
My opinion of them has not changed from the last time I saw them- I think they do have potential but that it just is not being utilized.  It really does not help that bassist does not look like she is enjoying herself- she really looks like she wants to be somewhere else and that she has been forced to do the show.   Some catchy tunes but it is just difficult to get into any vibe with them- the only one that moves for all their songs is one of their roadies which is what I noticed at the last show as well.

Again no professional clips

Dark Room Notes
Excellent set by them again!  All of their great songs that are from their single and EP that they released this year.  Very catchy tunes and gets the audience moving.  They played some new tracks which seem to have a daker melodic edge and even an ambient dance feel to it which I loved but not sure everybody else was won over.  They started off with Love Like Nicotine and ended with Shake Shake My Ceiling as the last song which must be getting the most airplay since a cheer went up- great song and must admit the boys quite like it so I have heard it quite a lot over the last two months.  New song for the encore which has some extremely catchy riffs so I hope to hear that again soon!

EDIT- ran into Camera-the drummer for DRN and the name of that last track is Let’s Light Fires.   Had to ask him three times since the ears were still ringing a bit from The Jimmy Cake- time to talk to the friend about getting the custom plugs sorted!
A couple of good videos that they have done
Shake Shake My Ceiling

Love Like Nicotine


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