Gigs, friends and new years resolutions

December 22, 2007

I am extremely disappointed that none of my friends could make it to the gig last night- it has come to the point where I will no longer be trying to contact them and will just become a gig bachelor.  I have already been to quite a few gigs by myself this year since I don’t know until the last minute if I will be able to go so it is not really going to make a big difference.  As well, with the boys my time for going out is limited and increasingly I like to go out for gigs over just meeting up in the pub.  Most gigs are reasonably priced so it does not cost a fortune to hear good live music instead of some dodgy dj with dreadful pop rubbish.  Fair enough, it is Christmas and lots of friends were either going down to the country or out of the country but this is not the first time it has happened.  Unfortunately I do not have a group of like minded school friends to fall back on when it comes to music- 3000 miles and 15 years ago is a bit of a problem there.

So I was left with trying to give away a ticket last night (bought them 6wks back)- harder than you can imagine actually.  There was no que at the doors to the venue so went into Whelans (the pub) to warm up and see if there was anybody I recognized that might need it- the tickets were only a tenner each so no real loss but I just hate to see it go to waste.  Always hard to tell in Whelans who is actually going into the venue since it is a popular drinking spot in its own right- I did recognize some Phantom people and eventually went over to see if they need one since this wasn’t a Phantom sponsored night.  I am not a media type and I have never bothered to see who gets tickets for what or even who is affiliated with whom- I would presume that they get into all of the smaller venues around town for free but asked just in case. 

Not a good idea for me to talk to anybody when I am sick since I am very cynical and it shows in the conversation or email.  Unfortunately for me the only time I have talked/emailed Pete I have been sick so he is probably left with impression that I am unhinged.  It doesn’t help that I have been far too enthusiastic in emailing Phantom- after 14 years of hearing rubbish radio I have just been so happy to hear the type of music I love.  Unfortunately for me, email is like breathing- since college 20 years ago mailing people on the LANs in ASCII  I have been in contact with people electronically and popping off an email is second nature.

Anyway with the ticket- it was still early by Irish gig standards (doors at 7:30 and it was 8 but Lauren said she was going to be on then) and still no que outside so I gave it to a smoker who said their brothers second cousin or somebody could use it.  At least I felt it didn’t go to waste.

So new years resolutions:

1)  Don’t ask friends out for gigs

2) No emails to Phantom (except for Kiosk YouTube recommendations)

EDIT- Just had a look at the Phantom website and the guys I asked about the tickets are Brian Daly who is Head of Marketing and Sinister Pete who is not just a DJ but is also Director of Programming.  Feel very foolish indeed since offering them a ticket is like offering ice cubes to the Eskimos.


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