The Jimmy Cake and Loney, Dear

December 22, 2007

I was stuck in traffic yesterday while on the way back from collecting the drums (yes drums!) for the boys Christmas present and listened Edel’s show on Phantom.  Hardly ever get to listen to it since I would normally be in work but she has some great music and interviews with bands.  Had heard of The Jimmy Cake in passing but not their music- quite good and it reminds me of Loney, Dear without the lyrics.  The type of music that starts off quite simply and then builds layer upon layer until you have something quite exquisite.  The interview itself was a little strange since they seemed to be a bit quiet which for radio is not a good thing.  Quite funny how Edel mentioned their frequent lineup changes…the ‘size of their members’…ahh live radio!  Will hopefully see them tomorrow in Whelans but as always that is contingent on the ex looking after the boys. 

Jimmy Cake- Hungry Ghosts

Loney, Dear- I Am John   Quite a dark video but great song

Loney, Dear- I Love You (In With The Arms)


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