My Pornstar name…

December 27, 2007

When I was at Whelans the other night I recognized Camera from Dark Room Notes and wanted to thank him for giving me a bit of advice on what drums to get the boys (Pearl by the way which the they are happily banging away on!)
Was introduced to his lovely friend who is now living in Paris…during the course of the conversation we talked about identities and when I said that my online name is TenaciousT she said it sounded like a pornstar name!   The real me was aghast since I wouldn’t have thought that at all… the online me though is thinking ohhh yeahhh;-) 

Will have to give it some thought but hopefully, as Camera agreed, that most people would associate it with Jack Black and Tenacious D– it was only after I heard one of their songs on the radio that I started using TenaciousT.   Although some of their tunes would suit a pornstar…where else can you hear a song called Fuck Her Gently and Double Team?


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