Bruce, other music, and Social Services

December 29, 2007

The oldest son asked me today to look up Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Radio Nowhere’ which I was quite surprised- I must be doing something right in his musical education if he is asking me for Bruce!  I must say Bruce is back on form with his latest album- Radio Nowhere and Long Walk Home are excellent tracks.  Of course while I was looking up the YouTubes I had to show him some classics- Dancing in the Dark with a very very young Courtney Cox dancing with him on the stage at the end and the excellent I’m On Fire….nothing better than those two to remind me how the years have sped by.   There was also a fan video for the brilliant Bat For Lashes cover of I’m On Fire which is a bonus track on her album.  That song keeps on going through my head but usually as a duet with both of them singing it….who knows they might actually do one at some stage!

The oldest did revert to form and asked me to look up some other YouTubes that are songs mixed with games…although the first one he asked for was the fabulous Mad World by Gary Jules….not too sure on his other choice with Papa Roach though.  Also discovered that my youngest son has been looking up the In Extremo song I had posted a few weeks ago…I will probably have a knock on the door from Social Services any day now.

Bruce- Radio Nowhere

Bruce- Long Walk Home

Bruce- Dancing in the Dark

Bruce- I’m On Fire

Bat for Lashes- I’m On Fire

DVMV- Mad World (Gary Jules)

DFMV- Take Me   (Papa Roach)


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