And that was 2007…

December 31, 2007

Not really into lists and hate numbering things but this is just a general rambling of the best of 2007. 

Best new music:
LCD Soundsystem
Bat for Lashes
Loney, Dear
Labhaoise Brennan
Lauren Guillery
The Swell Season
Fight Like Apes
Dark Room Notes

Best old music:
Imogen Heap
Sarah McLachlan

Best really old music:
Telemann Oboe Concertos- yeah you are reading correctly- absolutely love the sound of the oboe.

Groups I should have listened to more:
Angus and Julia Stone
Joan as Police Woman

Best gigs:
Tripod- Battles, LCD Soundsystem, God Is An Astronaut
Crawdaddy- Malajube supported by Dark Room Notes
Whelans- Halloween Phantasm, Dark Room Notes
Village- Idlewild
Button Factory- Of Montreal
Electric Picnic- Bjork, Bat for Lashes, Loney Dear, Malajube, Dan Le Sac vs Scroobious Pip, Beastie Boys, Go! Team, LCD Soundsystem….know I am leaving out some there but pretty loved everybody I saw down there.

Biggest Rant– media and advertising (ongoing- grrrrrrr)

Biggest pet peeve– people using their mobiles at gigs to film groups and sticking it up on YouTube.  Ruins the vibe at gigs and don’t they know it is going to be shit sound and shit video?

Biggest regret– missing too many artists that I really wanted to see….oh and I suppose still not finding a woman who shares the same interests as me.

Best film– really don’t know this one since I go to so so many and I can’t remember what was actually released this year Lives of Other’s, This Is England, Atonement, Waitress come to mind.  Once, Garage are great Irish ones.  Really must blog more about them so I can remember.

Best events– becoming a god-father:-)

2008 looks like a great year so bring it on!

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