Gmail adverts…and menstrual caps

January 2, 2008

Has anybody ever noticed the little ad in your gmail account just above the inbox?
It is something that I usually ignore but sometimes the ad just grabs your eye.  I thought that the ads were just random but only discovered that it will change with your message.  They must use keywords from the email that is opened…sometimes the ad is predictable but sometimes funny or even quite bizarre!

Mail about Valentines…
Exquisite Boned Corsets – http://www.Curious-Curves.com – Corsets & Bodices Makes a Beautiful Valentines Gift

Mail from a record shop…
Dance Mix – Latest-Mobi.com – Download Dance Mix Ringtones – Here – (100% Free)

Mail with Elaine…
Elaine Magnin Needlepoint – http://www.elainemagnin.com – 3000 Handpainted designs & Threads Many 20-70% Off! Best prices on web

Mail with O’Regan…
Terex Excavators Ireland – http://www.oreganplantsales.com – O’Regan Plant Sales – Terex 1.5 to 12 ton diggers & Dumpers

I wish I could find the mail I got a while ago…the add that came up was for a Menstrual Cap!  Not ever having been in the market for one of those for obvious reasons I was wondering why a gmail add was asking if I needed one!!



  1. Those aren’t advertisements. They are “web clips” and can be disabled in the options.

    Hope this is helpful/useful. For more technology stuff, see my blog (jeromebaum.wordpress.com).

  2. Thanks for that- figured that they could be disabled but I usually forget that it is even there since I have become so practiced at ignoring links, ads etc. Plus I am curious if anything totally ludicrous comes up again…will give your site a gander though.

  3. By the way, do you also have that error that Firefox crashes when you close Gmail while Firebug is enabled (even disabled for mail.google.com)?

  4. Alas I only use Firefox in work where access to external email is blocked…and you will have your internet connection pulled altogether if you use proxies!

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