Decisions, Decisions

January 15, 2008

No this is not about the Irish Blog Awards…nor the Choice Music Prize…look at nearly every other Irish blog for those.

Argghhh- I never thought a promotion would be so nerve wracking.  It has come to the point where the job is turning into a career so I have to think on different scenarios and how it will work out over the next couple of years.  Not that I exactly love my job in IT- but I can do it well so it has always been the career path. 

I have actually accepted the promotion and will possibly be starting in a different department in February.  The only problem is that they will be moving down to Portlaoise before the end of the year which is going to be a pain in the ass for commuting since I will have to drive at least 3 hours in total a day.   Once a year for Electric Picnic is one thing…every day is quite another! 

I may have an option to stay in my current employer with the same promotion- I have an interview this Friday but I probably won’t find out the results until the day I start the new job.  As with everything it is down to timing…a promotion is always a good thing but the last thing I want to do is leave one place and be back a week later.  So I have been thinking of the three scenarios:

1. Stay in my current employer (if I pass the interview) who I am not too fond of but is handy since they are in town and is very convenient for a social life.

2. Go to the new department which has a better working atmosphere and respect for their employees (from what I have heard at least) but have a pain with the social life.

3.  Feck off to France- become a socialist, drink lots of wine and eat lots of cheese while hanging out with my French friends and when my language is proficient get a job in the film industry.

I am slowly but surely coming around to option 3….except maybe the socialist bit.



  1. I’m with the fecking off to France option. 🙂

    But seriously, it’s all about quality of life I think. And three hours of commuting a day would seriously diminish that.

  2. Who needs a social life?

    I would do whatever you can to not commute. It’s always worse than you think it will be.

  3. Thanks Sinead! Had a similar commute before and quality of life took a nosedive so I am fighting to stay in town. As to France, I keep on telling myself that life there would be full of migraines from too much wine and chili chocolate…it just about works until I visit the friends and I just want to stay!

  4. Thanks Karolee! Aye commuting is always worse…especially in this country where the roads can be abysmal! The social life is mostly gigs so would hate to lose that…of course the boys now have their own set of drums so I could just stay at home to get the ringing in the ears;-)

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