No Country For Old Men

January 20, 2008

I will start with my only problem with this film- which year do I put it as the best film?  It came out in 2007 but only started showing here in 2008…I daresay it is going to apply to both years!  It is going to take a lot to be better than this even if there is another 11 months to go in 2008! 

This is what cinema is made for- glued to your seat and not a piece of film wasted.  The best Coen Brothers film ever and with the number of other great films they have made this is saying something.  It opens with a monologue and closes with some great thoughts….in between it is just one great ride that you don’t want to stop!  The casting is absolutely spot on- Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, Woody Harrelson, Kelly McDonald and of course the absolutely brilliant Javier Bardem.   I have liked Javier since I first saw him in Almodóvar’s Live Flesh and outstanding really is an understatement for his acting ability.

The attention to detail is just fantastic: the slow building sweat from Woody when talking with Javier, how long it takes the deputy to die, and the lack of the soundtrack means you hear every single detail.  What I think is brilliant are the things that you don’t see directly…and there are a few things that will leave you guessing afterwards.  Just as in life nothing is clear cut and I love it when cinema is like it as well.

Don’t usually like movie trailers but this one is worth it for Javier’s hair alone



  1. I loved this movie – it gives me chills just to think about it. Definitely the best of the year, whichever year you want to count it in.

  2. Aye- certainly chilling but definitely memorable! One that deserves a second viewing just to make sure nothing was missed!

  3. […] nominated and winning some Oscars- it did live up to it but only just and when I think back to No Country For Old Men which had the same Oscar buzz I think that was a much better film and one I would watch again over […]

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