January 25, 2008

I have made the decision to take the promotion.  While I am not exactly happy about the commute I really have no choice but to take it.  I know I am too Dublin-centric and to be honest I still don’t think I would live anywhere else in the country…unless it was with somebody special and since I don’t have anybody it is the job and the boys that I have to think about.  For those of you who don’t know, I work for the Civil Service (for my massive sins).  Please note that I am not a Civil Servant…there is a huge difference in mentality there and I will never fit that mould no matter how long they employ me.  Believe me I have strict instructions with the friends that if I ever start acting like I am institutionalised they are to have me put down immediately.

Anyway, with the Service it is not everyday that a promotion comes up- you have to do exams then interviews and they are not every year or even every two so if I don’t take this opportunity now it could easily be 3-4 years before I would find myself in this position again.  Just as an example, if I were to wait for a promotion on seniority (like a real Civil Servant would) then I am appx 1800 on the list in my current department- no that was not a typo!  I still may get the chance to come back to my current department but after the interview I think that is slim- they seem to be taking only outsiders and not promoting from within.  I can always quit anyway and find something else (which is what I have been thinking recently) but with having IT skills and no certification it would be fun to say the least to find a starting salary that I could live on.   Somehow my degree with International Relations and Russian Language has never been very useful here! 

Just as a sidenote and to add some fun to the week, the car that I would need for the commute broke down and I have to debate about getting it fixed or even replace it at this stage.  The thing that has me laughing though is that the day after it broke down I finally get the letter about having the driving test which usually takes almost a year to get!  Typical!!  I do have a licence and have been driving for 21 years now but the Irish licence is for automatics only since that is what I did the test in years ago so I have to do it again in a manual.  Been putting it on the long finger with all the messing about Dublin Corporation has done over the years (that is a rant for another time!) so have to get it done now!


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