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Stunningly religious

February 29, 2008

Lunches are usually quiet affairs and interesting events hardly ever happen.  Decided to go to the Front Lounge today though since I was down that direction and the sofa’s are really great to relax on.  

I had noticed these two stunning girls when I first went in and didn’t think anything of it but a few minutes later when they are leaving one comes over to me and asks me if I am Irish.  Thinking that today is the day where the women do the asking, I wanted to draw out the conversation and said that was a difficult question to answer really so chatted with her for a few minutes.

She then handed me a piece of paper that says Somebody Loves You!  Well, knowing I am not lucky enough for her to be giving me that sentiment I knew it was religious related and sure enough she is in this crowd

Why is it only the fanatics that approach me?  Sigh.


The Kinetiks- all ages gig in Whelans

February 29, 2008

Its Free Friday so feck it I am going to post this from work without feeling too guilty.

The Kinetiks are going to be in Whelans tonight for a single release but more importantly for me they will be having an all ages gig there tomorrow as well.  Will be the first proper gig that I am bringing the boys to- not many all ages gigs out there and there is no way I would bring them to Electric Picnic even if they would get in free. 

So there is a bit of a buzz from the boys but hopefully there will be a good enough crowd.  After annoying Road Records and Sound Cellar a couple of weeks for tickets, I ended walking up to the Wav ticket office itself…should I be worried that they are numbered 4, 5 and 6?  

Can’t look at YouTubes in work so will try to find a decent one later.

[EDIT]- Went to the gig with the boys and first impressions were the amount of hormones flying around the place with tons of younger teens- the oldest was quite interested in all the kissing that was going on but he has been warned! 

Blue Syndrome and Albyno Rhino were on for support and they were both good- the oldest saw that one of the drummers was smiling through the whole set so hopefully he will remember that when he is practicing.  Quite a few songs from both groups and they each had a good sound so will you will probably hear more from them.   The Kinetiks were good as well and some very catchy tunes which I have been hearing as the oldest has been playing the cd rather a lot.  So all in all a good experience for their first gig.



February 28, 2008

[EDIT]- Only found out on the way out the door this morning that I have the free night so I hope there are some tickets at the door!!  So not glammed up in the slightest for The Sugar Club but leaving drinks for one of the lads out of the old job beforehand so will be glowing from the inside! 

Doesn’t look like I am going to be able to make these guys tomorrow in the Sugar Club- shame since some of their tunes have really stuck with me- especially Wet and Rusting.

However this has been going through the head all day unabated- supposedly where they got their name from.  Arggghhhh


Tegan and Sara- Button Factory Feb 08

February 28, 2008

This was an utterly amazing gig!!  Just to reiterate Utterly. Amazing. Gig!!

Support came from Northern State.   Came in after these girls were already on stage- rap hiphop sort of tunes so not really my thing.  Some of the songs were good though and they were having a good time.  In between songs they were having a great rapport with the audience and as a side line they would make quite good comedians.  Some good solid songs though and they are certainly energetic.

Tegan and Sara

I have never seen a group cheered as much as these two when they came on stage- the atmosphere was electric and you could nearly feel the sizzle and pop of the electricity from the girls in the audience!

They started off with Dark Come soon and then The Con at which point there was a knicker incident.   One of the girls in the audience had thrown up a pair of knickers on stage which Sara took in her stride but then evidently the girl also asked them to strip off.  Sara then had a bit to say and I am glad that she addressed the sexual issue the way she did- pretty much telling the audience that it was not a strip show and that it was about the music.  She was very deft at how she dealt with it actually- funny story about the biker as well to lighten the mood!  Don’t think the hysteria in some of the fans waned as a result anyway so the vibe quickly returned. 

There were a couple more songs which I don’t quite remember but then came the excellent Are You Ten Years Ago which I don’t think the rest of the place enjoyed as much as I did but was still great.  They also played Walking With A Ghost which went down better- there was a lot of material from the older album that I didn’t know but the crowd certainly did- the place was hopping!  Some really great material that isn’t quiet as dark as the material on the new album and I will have to check it out soon. 

Tegan and Sara had a great rapport with the audience during the gig- at one point it was hard to tell if they were genuinely shocked to have such an enthusiastic crowd but I think they were feeding off of it as well so it made the music all the better.  Near the end of the gig Sara told quiet a funny (if lengthy) story about high school and it being like it was with Coolio and Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds which was quite amusing since it boiled down to some knob-head who she threw a chair at in school and now she pictures him in the audience and is wondering why the same knob-head is there!  Tegan must be use to Sara chatting since she just had a seat on the stage to wait until she finished.  Great encore as well where they played the remaining new tracks and a couple of old ones as well. 

While it is not the same vibe as LCD Soundsystem or Battles I couldn’t help but be carried away with the near hysteria of the crowd and this is the most fun I have had at a gig in a good while!  So much so that I couldn’t get to sleep last night with the music still going through my head…completely worth it and I hope that they come back to town soon!


The Ting Tings in Dublin

February 28, 2008

Just a quick one- from the Ting Tings MySpace bulletin- they are going on a headline tour and will be in Dublin on the 12th of April in The Village.  Should be a good one!   New video for Great DJ here.

[Edit]- the date is now the 12th April and not the 13th as stated below.

The blurb:


We are doing our own headline tour in April..WE CAN NOT WAIT!!!! gonna be amazing..promise!

…We will make sure we pick a super support band as well x

here are the dates



Date Venue Ticketlink

03/04/2008 Cardiff- Club Ifor Bach
04/04/2008 Exeter- Phoenix
05/04/2008 Northampton- Soundhaus

07/04/2008 Portsmouth- Wedgewood Rooms
08/04/2008 Coventry- Kasbah
09/04/2008 Nottingham- Bodega

11/04/2008 Stoke- Sugarmill
12/04/2008 Belfast- Spring & Airbrake
13/04/2008 Dublin- Village
14/04/2008 Glasgow- King Tuts

16/04/2008 York- Fibbers
17/04/2008 London ULU


Night and Day

February 26, 2008

A cautionary tale of where not to attach handcuffs on a bed! 
In French with English subtitles.

Blurb from YouTube:   
A couple finds themselves handcuffed to a four-poster bed in a remote country getaway, forcing them to ponder the meaning of intimacy and commitment. WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY LISTON GRANT. (c) IDIP Films 2007 

Part 1

Part 2


Menomena- Friend and Foe

February 26, 2008

Have been listening to Menomena for the last week off and on and they really have some great tunes.  Layered melodies, syncopated beats and just plain atmospheric- excellent songs that are sure to stay in the head and would be even better live.   They will be on in the Sugar Club this Friday- don’t think its the best venue for these guys but wont complain if I get to see them there! 

Official review of their album at Pitchfork.  Some YouTubes below of my favourites- hard to find any official ones so some of the better fan ones and a few songs just linked.

Wet and Rusting

My My


Muscle’n Flo-

The Pelican

Evil Bee– the only official video


Fallen Art

February 25, 2008

Came across this in YouTube- some superb animation even if the idea itself is a bit disturbing.  

Fallen Art

Polish 3D Animation – Fallen Art (2004), Tomek Baginski received a BAFTA Award for Best Short Animation and Grand Prix for Digital Shorts at Golden Horse Film Festival 2005 (shared with: Jarek Sawko and Piotr Sikora)


Tegan and Sara- The Con

February 25, 2008

Have been listening to Tegan and Sara’s brilliant new album over the last few days and it is just full of delicious dark melodic pop that stays in the head.  The only downside is one similar with WSBD– there are 14 songs on this so some sound a bit similar but when they are all good it’s not really a complaint.  Going to their gig on Wednesday in the Button Factory and it should be a good one!  Of course, this being a great year for gigs- there is a conflict with the Choice Awards so will miss some other great acts.

Just a few YouTubes of some of their videos…will only put in the links for the fan ones.

Are You Ten Years Ago– still my favourite

I Was Married

Soil Soil


Dark Come Soon

Back In Your Head

The Con

Walking With A Ghost– from So Jealous but hopefully this will be in the playlist



February 24, 2008

Was listening to Tegan and Sara and finally remembered to look up the other two sisters whose cool album cover I had seen in Road Records the other day- CocoRosie and the album was The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn.   I hadn’t come across them before but is turns out they are similar to some of the other music I have been listening to recently and they have a really good sound.  Their official site is here and they have a Wiki page as well.

Rainbow Warriors– from The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn

Hairnet Paradise– the things you can do with two kazoo’s a children’s toy and a harp!

Sunshine – live in Malta 2006