I feel fat…

February 6, 2008

The French friend has gone and I feel that I have gained more than just a few pounds!!  Great few days and she did all the cooking…which I wasn’t arguing about at all since it is just excellent.  Of course it doesn’t help that I have started the new job and have had to wear the ‘business’ clothes that I haven’t worn in the last few years- so things just a bit snug!  Great visit with the friend and her husband and of course the god-daughter:-)  Will have to visit them in France soon since her husband is going to be posted to Djibouti which is going to be just a bit more difficult to get to…and no French wine or chocolate in ready supply!

So not much time for blogging/music/gigs with the friends visit, the new job, the broken car, the broken washing machine, looking for archery gear for the oldest son…then a friends birthday tomorrow night and leaving drinks from the old job on the Friday!  Did manage listen to some Efterklang today though so will post on that next.


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