February 10, 2008

Was checking out groups that are going to be in town over the next few months and remember seeing their name -probably from here (great review of their gig in Whelans last year).  I really love music like this- lots of sounds and noise blended with some excellent voices.  

Some very good tracks on their website and quite a few free downloads which is always a good thing when checking out a new band.  Not easy finding some of their cds but just ordered Under Giant Tree’s- hopefully it will come with the brilliant art/puzzle cards (see the YouTube below!)

They will be in the Button Factory on the 29th of March so definitely plan on being there!

Swarming– great song but prefer the Antenne version which you can download from their site.


Puzzle cards– Under Giant Trees



  1. Yeah, make sure to go see them. Their gig in Whelans was my favourite of last year. ‘Under Giant Trees’ is excellent, as is Tripper and Parades. They’ll probably be selling all of them at the gig, I imagine – all worth buying.

  2. Will definitely make sure I am there! Only saw Parades in the shops today so hope they do have some of their older cds with them.

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