We Should Be Dead

February 12, 2008

Bought WSBD’s first album Forget Romance, Let’s Dance yesterday and played it in the car on the way home…this is not only catchy but damn infectious!  Simply put, this is get-up-off-your-ass-music that you just have to move to!   Which is why the guy behind me sitting in the traffic was probably getting annoyed since I was bopping on the brake pedal and he had his very own light show. 

Great sound and some excellent tracks- some slower than others while others hinging on punk so a great mix.  A couple of songs sound similar but with 13 tracks it’s not surprising and to be honest it doesn’t matter since it is more of the good stuff and you just keep on moving!   Great vocals from the two girls Tara and Anna and excellent playing from two guys Stephen and Gary…along with some quite humorous lyrics!  Put that all together and you are in for a good ride…I keep on missing them when they are in town but can imagine their gig would be energetic so I really hope to catch them soon!

Being a new Irish band I had presumed that you could only get their cd in the smaller shops but I was quite suprised that I couldn’t find it there but in HMV and Tower instead (as Anna pointed me to!)  Think that bodes well for them and no surprise that they are up for a Meteor Award- ‘Hope for 2008′. 

My fav’s after a few listens… 

Forget Romance, Let’s Dance
Ladies Night
Zero Point Five
I can’t find a reason
What brings you down
And of course Fuckin around

Just a reminder….


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