Battles- Vicar Street, Dublin May 15th

February 14, 2008

[EDIT]  See here for gig times.

Battles are back! Not that it has been that long since they were here last but their gig in Tripod last year was the best of the year for me. I cannot emphasise how brilliant these guys are live…I might be guilty of skipping a few tracks on their cd on occasion but live they are utterly fucking brilliant! You need to go to this- sell your soul, your body or whatever it takes to get to this gig!

Support is from Liars Chrome Hoof and The Redneck Manifesto.

Had seen this at Nialler9 a couple of weeks back but wasn’t going to open my mouth until I had the ticket in hand which I got today from the Sound Cellar- €28 and it’s a Wav ticket affair so you can give them a buzz if you can’t get into Dublin.

Just a reminder…





  1. Those two songs are pretty much all I know about the band. I’ve been meaning to check them out properly for a while now… and I’m quite tempted to go to this gig!

  2. Worth checking out Mirrored for some other great tracks and their EP C as well. You nearly need to see them live to fully appreciate how much work they put into it. It will be worth it alone to see the drummer(John Stanier)…he is like a machine-wind him up and let him go!!

  3. Those two sound really good! I’ll have to put my hands on the ticket.

  4. Comment from Don reminds me that I saw on boards.ie that Liars are no longer supporting since they have taken up the supporting gig with Radiohead in the States. Hopefully U:Mack promoters will get in somebody just as good!

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