February 17, 2008

First of a double bill last Wednesday. 


Thought that this would be easy on the brain and wasn’t disappointed.  The story is pretty good I must admit- tried and tested to be sure but from slightly different point of view- namely the first person with looking through the video camera.  It is great that you only get to see glimpses of things and not the whole- keeps you on your mental toes to some extent.  The camera work helps in this regard but at other times I felt like I was in a video game and expected to see the little icons pop up on the screen when each objective was achieved.  This is certainly a movie for the YouTube generation as well where every moment can be captured…even when they consciously put in a bit where people are taking pictures of the Liberty head in the middle of the street with their camera phones and with people at the party whipping out the phones to video the event.  One of my pet peeves so it’s a shame nothing came out and zapped them but I suppose you can’t ask for everything. 

The actors are ok- not sure if it was down to the director or their ability.  Sometimes it worked and other times it felt very staged.  There is a definite lack of emotion on the part of the characters as well with only the one goal in mind regardless how many people they loose. 

The cgi for the film is absolutely brilliant- fits right into the film and doesn’t detract from the action with the wow factor.  Very gritty feel to everything and I am sure that it took them quite a lot of work to get it done right.  Speaking of gritty- I had a taste of smell-o-vision since there was somebody near me in the cinema that reeked of sweat and dirt- it kind of put me into the action since that is what you would expect with all the running and the dirt flying around!

Final thought – in the apartment building with the lifts you can hear muzak…why is it always the insidious things that never die?


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