Dreaming of…

February 18, 2008

I am not one to usually put personal thoughts here but this one has been baffling me…why have I been dreaming of volleyball??  I have the usual dreams that I remember of certain people (ha- no links for you there!) but dreaming of sports is not a usual one for me.

I have started a new job but all they talk about is football, football, football so it is certainly not from there since I just tune out.  The only other sports related conversation recently was with a friend in the old job who’s boyfriend is a former winter Olympics skeleton rider so not from there either.  

Maybe its with the recent films and books that I have been thinking more of home.  I use to play it quite regularly when I was in high school 20 years ago (yikes!) and I was good at it.  I was even checked out for Marfans syndrome after one of the women on the Olympic team fell dead…thankfully I don’t have that!

It’s a strange one since the dreams are so vivid- I can even remember the feeling you get when you have just hit the perfect serve that is damn difficult to return.  Will be trying to think of sheep tonight but hopefully with them being white and fluffy I won’t be trying to get them over a net.



  1. If you think of dreams in a semiotic term of signs and signals rather than literal relation, the messages can alter quite differently.
    The rhythm and skill required to keep a ball up in the air at such frenetic pace could quite often be likened to our methods of juggling everyday life.
    The fact that the perfect shot is something that stands out for you so lucidly suggests your ambitions are realistically high. I find it interesting that the workplace is dismissed instantly cos it’s a literally a whole different ball game…the association is still there but has changed to volleyball to suit. You quite happily mention playing when younger and it actually sounds as if your brain is enjoying the new challenges and playing field the new job has brought!

  2. Thanks Nay! Your comment is so much more thoughtful than the original post- it does help explain it:-) Now if I can just get off the laptop so I don’t fall asleep in work tomorrow…

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