When the music won’t let you go

February 18, 2008

I have a song stuck in my head the last few days that I am finding impossible to get rid of…it’s not a bad song or a tune I can’t remember but in fact it’s a great song that I heard from Shane’s blog called Va Va Va by a Scottish group called Findo Gask.  I am a sucker for high pitched female voices and men’s falsettos and its the latter that is grabbing my attention in this song.  The same thing happened after Electric Picnic with Loney, Dear and it took ages to get rid of it.   Even all the new music I have been listening to over the last few days is not kicking it out and these other tunes are catchy…it just sneaks back in and keeps of playing over and over and over (like a monkey with a miniature cymbal….and that tune only keeps it out for a minute).

What is killing me is that this song has only been released on vinyl in the UK.  So I can’t pop down to Road Records for a listen and I don’t have a turntable since I never bought one after moving to Dublin…something which I might have to rectify.  There is not even a YouTube or a download of it at the moment although you can download a free copy of the dance version of it here (as per Shane’s blog).   So at the moment I am stuck to hearing this in MySpace…and their page is not loading tonight so am not a happy bunny at present.

Shane is great for finding new music though- he came across another group a while back called My Toys Like Me which is along the same vein but thankfully didn’t stick in the head as much.  Same story again though in that they only have vinyl but you can download some of their singles and there is a YouTube for Barnaby.

I was going to continue with another group that stuck in the head for a while- The Do– but when I was looking at them again they have released a cd so will write a separate post about that!

[Edit]- thanks to the excellent Nay I have my fix…am a definite Findo Gask junkie now since I can’t wait for the next hit!


One comment

  1. arc from leeds are doing the download release (should be pretty soon, as it says on their myspace that it was due on the 8th of march). apparently it will be on itunes also.
    hope this helps.

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