The Do- A Mouthful

February 19, 2008

Following on from the last post of groups that get stuck in the head The Do is one that the French friend introduced me to on one of the visits over to her and the lead singers voice is just infectious- one of those female vocalists that just sounds gorgeous singing in English with a slight hint of an accent.

Was able to listen to the whole album since a fan put up every single track up on YouTube and there are some great tracks there.  They are almost all in English and span between hip hop, pop and acoustic…and one Finnish song that will get your bum a wigglin.   They all have the same cover art for the track so it is just the music- I did come across a proper video of theirs on MySpace for On My Shoulders which is the original song that was stuck in the head.  On sale at amazon.fr but not sure if they deliver outside of France.

A Mouthful

Playground Hustle

At Last

On My Shoulders 

Song For Lovers 

The Bridge is Broken

Stay (Just a little bit more)

Unissasi Laulelet


Queen dot Kong


Searching Gold

When Was I Last Home

Travel Light 


In My Box


[Edit]- I had some of my favourites highlighted but I keep on changing my mind the more I listen…so check them all out!


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  1. […] one has come back into my head again- from the excellent album A Mouthful from The Do which I had posted about a while […]

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