February 21, 2008

Second of a double bill earlier in the week…


Wow- where to start with this film.

The characters are absolutely brilliant and the writing is superb- sarcastic and catchy and just damn nice to listen to.  The casting is spot on and I can’t imagine any other actors playing those roles- supporting cast and all.   Ellen Page really is just a delight to watch on screen- she did an excellent job in Hard Candy a couple of years back as well…even if I was crossing my legs for a good part of that film. 

It’s not just the actors that make this film- the whole character of the film itself just feels right- from the look of Juno’s cluttered house to the sterility of the adoptive parents.  Of course the music just compliments everything- some perfect tracks that will have you pulling out some of your old cds. 

The humour in this film is just infectious- a very serious matter dealt with a dark comic touch and even in the more serious parts of the film the humour shines through.

Final thoughts- I just couldn’t stop thinking of how good the writing was here and thought of some other films with equally good writing.

Arrested Development– Ok it was a tv program but check it out if you haven’t!

Thank You For Smoking -same director as Juno and he wrote the screenplay for this one- just hilarious.

Brick– for the dialogue alone.  Have to note that the writer and director Rian Johnson is from Maryland.  I know I keep on talking about Maryland but it is a small state so it can be unusual to come across people from there. 

Squid and the Whale– excellent story about dysfunctional families.

Margot at the Wedding– not released here yet but by the same writer/Director as Squid and the Whale so am hoping that it is just as good.  For the Yanks- go and see it!


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