Oh wordsmiths how I have abandoned ye

February 21, 2008

Had some enforced time off the laptop last Saturday and finally picked up one of the books on my rather large to-read pile. I have been very, very negligent over the last year in reading.  In fact I have been joking that it is easier to measure the pile of books than it is to count them and unfortunately it is true. 

I even have a second pile of books now that I bought from the library when they were clearing out their catalogue…some books I already have though and just couldn’t leave at the price- Louis De Bernieres is worth having an extra copy to give away!  The librarian must have recognized the word-junkie in me since she said to just take anything else I wanted on the way out…thankfully the library is not on the ground floor or I would have just backed up the car…seriously!

So two piles of books to get through now…and it will probably get worse since I am now working very close to Waterstones, Hodges Figgis and Reads so temptation is only a few steps away!  The commute to Portlaoise, when it comes, will be easier on the already warped bookshelf at least!

 [EDIT]- Saw this over at Unbearably Light and it would be a very cool thing to have for the books…would imagine I would get a pain in the back though from stopping to flick and move off after a couple of hours!


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