The Bucket List

February 21, 2008

Another double bill earlier in the week…

The Bucket List

What a waste of good talent.  I kind of knew what to expect of this film and only picked it for the fact that I didn’t want to sit at the desk reading documentation but wanted to stick around town for Juno so this was it. 

Followed a well worn route and uninspired- use to think Rob Reiner was decent but this definitely questions that.  Nicholson and Freeman are great actors but their talent was heavily underused- with a bit of inspiration they could have made a much better and touching film but it was like they were just waiting for the paycheck at the end.  Lots of one liners but they are delivered without much of a punch and mostly by Jack Nicholson who seemed to be just playing himself really.  The only bit of acting was at the very end of the film and at that stage it was really far too late to save the film.

In terms of the premise of the film- the list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket- I just couldn’t connect with what they wanted to do.  I know that each person’s bucket list would be deeply personal but this was just a buddy film and they were just checking things off the list and showing the dynamic between the two. 

Final thoughts- felt like I should have stayed in Costa coffee and struck up a conversation with some random woman- I would have had a better time than this.


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