U2-3D the buzz

February 21, 2008

I happened to still be in Cineworld when the premier was going to take place of U2’s film U2-3D and think the hullabaloo surrounding it was probably better than the film! Since I couldn’t get out of the cinema the normal way with the red carpet and all the guests arriving I had to pass by the window overlooking the entrance where there was so much excitement I nearly wept with laughter. 

I am not one for hype and this had it written all over it- The people thronging trying to get a glimpse of who was on the red carpet going in…the pictures…the camera phones out and the usual nonsense surrounding these things.

As you can probably tell, I am not a fame whore or a hero worshipper and I would not supplicate myself in front of the people I admire.  The best thing for me would be to run into them at the local pub and just sit down and shoot the breeze- its about the ideas of the people that I admire more than their celebrity that I would be interested in.

Just to make it one bit better…on the way down Jervis St on the way to the Band of Horses gig I saw what had to be U2 coming down the street…a motorized cavalcade of 6 vehicles whizzing down the road….the only thing missing was the bugle charge and the fluttering flags.  Maybe I am just too inured to this from working in Washington DC but I just think the whole rigmarole is quite funny.  I know that its not necessarily U2 themselves that want this but with their fame this is what they have. 

Had to pop into my favourite violist to share the fun since she happened to be in work- I think the bemused smile on my face said it all!


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