Band of Horses- Tripod Feb 08

February 22, 2008

Band of Horses

On first appearance these guys are good auld boys- you wouldn’t be surprised to find them in a mechanics yard in the South with grease on their hands and spitting tobacco into a Chock Full of Nuts coffee tin…these guys simply exude red neck.  Ben Bridwell has a great voice though and while some of the songs do have a lean towards country just hearing his voice makes those songs bearable.

They started with two of their slower tracks and Ben’s voice wasn’t quite warmed up yet so he was not quite hitting all the notes.  He has a habit of trying to crank up his voice when he doesn’t think he will get the note which works to a certain extent but not for all the songs. 

They then went into a couple of the better tunes from the new album which I think are very catchy- Ghost in my House, Islands on the Coast and then Great Salt Lake which is from a previous album.  I hadn’t actually listened to the whole of their previous work so when Ben brought out the banjo my heart dropped…I thought that  I had underestimated how country they were..the keyboardist actually sang this one though and thankfully the banjo was never to be seen again. 

They continued with what I can only presume are some older tracks and these were fairly decent- the crowd seemed to know them so it was good that they were getting into a good vibe.  A few more of the newer slow tunes and then they ended with the Funeral which is one of my favourites.  

Of course there was an encore and they played Grand Specific which I had expected since they didn’t play it in the main set.  When I say this was an encore it was really just a quick break for the band because they played quite a few other tunes- at one stage Ben seemed at a loss as what to play but they dug up a couple more.  They kept on checking if they had time for more and when he finally said goodbye for the last time and went off again there was a guy on the side who said they had time for one more tune so they scampered back out….yes scampered is the only word to use…and played one from his previous group Carissa’s Wierd.  The band really seemed to like the crowd and Ben was genuinely enthusiastic about singing as much as possible…I think he would have stayed on until his voice gave out if he could.

Overall it was a good night- I wasn’t boppin all over the place and I could hear afterwards which is good for a midweek gig.  I could have gone up to Kinski but somebody had scheduled a meeting the next morning so that wouldn’t have been the best idea…although Dave did say he would write a note for me;-)  I still wish I could have seen These New Puritans and Cap Pas Cap (thanks Nay!) but can probably catch them again at some stage.


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