Timmy’s never seem to get a good deal

February 24, 2008

Noticed that one of the friends in Facebook joined this group about Timmy the Lamb on a cartoon about Sean the Sheep (thankfully I have not seen with the boys being older!)

The name Timmy has always been a pet peeve of mine- call me Tim, Timothy if you must but never Timmy.  Only my mother and sister can call me that without stern looks of consternation and possible threats of bodily harm.

Unfortunately the Timmy’s seem to fall into a few categories but usually are portrayed as being young and hapless.

From the gee-golly-willicker types of Timmy in the Lassie show and satirised in The Simpsons with Bart pretending to be Timmy who fell down a well.   Other more recent clueless Timmy’s are in the instructional film in Dodgeball (Scroll down to Uber Film Narrator) and the Timmy in Fairly Odd Parents who wishes for everything that will cause devastation.

And last but not least the one that I have been getting for the last while…

Timmaaay from Southpark…funny show but there are only so many times I can stand Timmaaay being shouted at me!


One comment

  1. […] Of course this being Mike Leigh there does have to be some moments of tension and serious issues which are just brilliantly carried out by the cast.  Poppy of course as the main character but as well- the driving instructor with his darkly comical theories and negative views, the sensible-ish friend Zoe, the fanatical Flamenco teacher, and the counsellor Tim (yes finally a Tim that isn’t characterised as gormless!) […]

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