Menomena- Friend and Foe

February 26, 2008

Have been listening to Menomena for the last week off and on and they really have some great tunes.  Layered melodies, syncopated beats and just plain atmospheric- excellent songs that are sure to stay in the head and would be even better live.   They will be on in the Sugar Club this Friday- don’t think its the best venue for these guys but wont complain if I get to see them there! 

Official review of their album at Pitchfork.  Some YouTubes below of my favourites- hard to find any official ones so some of the better fan ones and a few songs just linked.

Wet and Rusting

My My


Muscle’n Flo-

The Pelican

Evil Bee– the only official video


  1. […] Menomena February 28, 2008 Doesn’t look like I am going to be able to make these guys tomorrow in the Sugar Club- shame since some of their tunes have really stuck with me- especially […]

  2. Hey, I love menomena thanks for posting awesome links and videos. Have you seen the video of Menomena playing on the Sista Social show back in 2000? It’s so funny. I just posted about it in my blog, diamondduke.blogspot.com. Definetly check that out.

  3. Cool stuff! Cant see the vid at work but will check it out later…after the gig since I can make it now! Just hope there will be tickets at the door!!

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