Stunningly religious

February 29, 2008

Lunches are usually quiet affairs and interesting events hardly ever happen.  Decided to go to the Front Lounge today though since I was down that direction and the sofa’s are really great to relax on.  

I had noticed these two stunning girls when I first went in and didn’t think anything of it but a few minutes later when they are leaving one comes over to me and asks me if I am Irish.  Thinking that today is the day where the women do the asking, I wanted to draw out the conversation and said that was a difficult question to answer really so chatted with her for a few minutes.

She then handed me a piece of paper that says Somebody Loves You!  Well, knowing I am not lucky enough for her to be giving me that sentiment I knew it was religious related and sure enough she is in this crowd

Why is it only the fanatics that approach me?  Sigh.

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