The Kinetiks- all ages gig in Whelans

February 29, 2008

Its Free Friday so feck it I am going to post this from work without feeling too guilty.

The Kinetiks are going to be in Whelans tonight for a single release but more importantly for me they will be having an all ages gig there tomorrow as well.  Will be the first proper gig that I am bringing the boys to- not many all ages gigs out there and there is no way I would bring them to Electric Picnic even if they would get in free. 

So there is a bit of a buzz from the boys but hopefully there will be a good enough crowd.  After annoying Road Records and Sound Cellar a couple of weeks for tickets, I ended walking up to the Wav ticket office itself…should I be worried that they are numbered 4, 5 and 6?  

Can’t look at YouTubes in work so will try to find a decent one later.

[EDIT]- Went to the gig with the boys and first impressions were the amount of hormones flying around the place with tons of younger teens- the oldest was quite interested in all the kissing that was going on but he has been warned! 

Blue Syndrome and Albyno Rhino were on for support and they were both good- the oldest saw that one of the drummers was smiling through the whole set so hopefully he will remember that when he is practicing.  Quite a few songs from both groups and they each had a good sound so will you will probably hear more from them.   The Kinetiks were good as well and some very catchy tunes which I have been hearing as the oldest has been playing the cd rather a lot.  So all in all a good experience for their first gig.

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