Menomena- Sugarclub gig Feb 08

March 1, 2008

 Just back from the gig in the Sugarclub and have mixed feelings about it.

They have some great tunes and they played all of them tonight- as usual I am not great at remembering the order but from what I remember they played everything from the new album and quite a few from the older ones as well.  I think that the new album has the stronger music and that the older tunes just don’t stand up as well. 

When they played the more popular ones the place had a excellent vibe and they sounded spot on- but they could not keep this vibe going and the gig had a start and stop quality to it.  However, what really gives me mixed feelings is that with music like this I would expect some expansion of the themes for a live performance and it left me disappointed that they played the songs exactly as they are on the album.  I am still not convinced that the Sugarclub was the best place for them either- the sound is good but the seating really is not great for a post-rock band and I think that having a white screen and a fairly lit up stage was distracting.  

Overall I think that this had the promise of being a great gig but with the lack of any exploration of their own music I think it was only good.  It has wet my appetite for seeing Battles in May though.


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