Blog Awards 2008…the hangover is just beginning

March 2, 2008

Only back now from this great night…ugh 8am!!  Will play tag with everybody I met later- when I don’t feel like I have two bolts coming out of my neck and waiting for the lightening to strike.  Many thanks to the organisers but special thanks to the double award winner Rick O’Shea who’s luck must have rubbed off a little bit on me with that drink that I nicked from him!  Met some excellent bloggers and non bloggers (thats you The Sister-get blogging!) so a great night:-)   Now to bed with two Solpadeine!   Arggghhhh

[EDIT]- Ok fess up- who was spiking my copious amounts of vodka with lead??  The legs are filled with it today!!



  1. D’oh! I had to split at midnight… what time did the partying roar on until? Any scandal?

  2. Ohhh think some of the bloggers were there till 2…or 3…egads so difficult to keep track of time! No scandal- just stayed and chatted with The Sister for hours!

  3. Hang on…..you were out until 8am? How did that happen?

  4. Ohhh…well…after you left was hanging out with Miss RaptureP and Rick for a bit (which is where I nicked one of his untouched drinks from the table!)and then was chatting with The Sister of Coffee Helps- we went up to the residence bar and hung around with the blogger-stragglers/smokers and I stayed chatting with her near on 6! So finally made it into town and had something to eat..16 hours with no food and lots of vodka NOT a good thing! Bus after 7 so home by 8:-) Egads!

  5. Hi Tenacious T! Nice of you to finally return my sister. I love that you’re going along with the whole pseudonym thing!! Hope your head’s back to normal after the leaded vodka. Great to meet you! 🙂

  6. 🙂 Sounds like you had a right hoohah!!

    Reckon if I spike Nialler’s drink with lead next year he wont be able to catch me when I run off with his trophy?

  7. Hey Hails- great to meet you as well:-) and share a ciggie at 4ish in the morning with you and your sis freezing our buts off!

    Ohh Nay it was a right hoohah and missed your spitballs! You can try to spike his drink alright but he looks damn wiry…and young so bring lots of lead;-) Not that you won’t beat him outright!

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