Blog Awards 2008- Reprise

March 4, 2008

Wow- what a great awards ceremony!! 

Had a busy day so was on the go from early in the morning and only arrived home to get ready for the Awards and get into town…so arrived a wee bit harried and hungry!  Also had a wee bit of a cold so had to wait for the Sudafed to wear off before drinking…not a great combo believe me!!

Must say I was a bit apprehensive with such a large group and I wasn’t sure who would be showing up that I knew- thankfully saw Derek and Nadine who I have met via Phantom so sat with them and had a good chat before the lovely Rapture Ponies arrived…and easier to call her RP than her real name since there are still some Irish names that I just can’t bloody well pronounce no matter how short they are- still better with Russian or French than I am with Irish!

So a good chat with the three of them before the ceremony began…the Awards themselves were very professional and you can go to any other blog to get pics and whatnot so will not repeat it here!!  I must say that I feel a bit bad that I didn’t really know a lot of the blogs up for nominations except those in the Music, Arts and Culture and Journalist categories.  I hardly even read the mighty Twenty Majors but have been pigeonholing myself with music so much and you can blame NayShane, and of course Nialler9, AoifeMc and now State for that!

The best part of the night was after the ceremony and trying to find the people I have actually been chatting with/commenting on….no Nay or Shane but eventually found Sinead and Cillian (who I knew from Nadines program but didn’t know he was The Obscure Remix!)  Rick of course was easy to spot with his two awards and copious amounts of whisky’s…best balancing act ever!  Had some good quick chats with some of the others as well- AoifeMc up at the bar, Twenty and another guy who’s name I just can’t remember (male- jacket with glasses…was at the first blog awards…talked with Sinead for a good bit…arghh too much vodka at that stage!)  
[EDIT]-it was Colm from Modern Cadence…finally saw a pic with a name on Mulleys post

Saw Niall but he had quite a crowd around him so didn’t want to be rude and interrupt.  I recognized a few people as well from the real world but I can be damned as to where I had seen them…am great for remembering faces but not where I bloody well saw them!  And of course it was great that three lovely ladies came up to me- K8 the GR8 (Kate), Coffee Helps (Hails), and her sister (Kirsty) who isn’t blogging (yet but I am trying!)  Had a good auld natter so was glad to meet new people! 

The fun didn’t stop there of course…it is great being a night owl on nights out since I can keep on going and going until the sun comes up!!  When some of the others left Hails sister Kirsty came back round and lo and behold she is a night owl as well!  So upstairs to the residents bar and brought them outside so we could still mingle with the stragglers that were there…finally saw Annie and her beau Bjarni who I didn’t get to chat with down at Electric Picnic.  When I was at EP I only saw Annie very late on the very last night so there is a pattern starting here!  A good chat with a few others including a fellow displaced Yank who I might remember at some stage since she won an award. 

So lots of chatting until the wee hours of the morning and I finally left just before 6.  Being a bit peckish and needing some coffee….yes coffee helps but at that stage it was downright essential!!  I love being in town at that hour of the morning as well- great seeing things before all the hussle and bussle starts and you really see it in a different light.  So on the first bus home and of course straight onto the laptop:-)  Finally made it into bed but unfortunately I was woken about three hours later with cold things being put all over the legs…darn boys have picked up on my tricks and are just ruthless!!  

So absolutely zombified yesterday but it was so worth it and cant wait for the awards next year!!



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  2. Anybody good with German?? Just curious what it says before I delete it!

  3. I translated it for you on Babelfish:

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    Makes TOTAL sense to me.

  4. Ha- makes total sense alright…think there must be a mistranslation in that last sentence…should read ‘He rather drinks EVERYTHING tenacioustimothy’!!

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