Illiteracy and Electric Picnic- UPDATED with LINEUP LINKS

March 4, 2008

[UPDATE- Click HERE for the post on the Lineup so far or HERE for the press release from the EP site.

The EP site itself isn’t the most user friendly at first glance but just wait a few seconds for the fit-inducing colours to fade and then you will see an area on the top left, second row down where you can click and it will bring up the lineup so far with the acts highlighted as to stature.  FYI- Tickets are €240 for the weekend camping pass-no single day passes as per the last couple of years.]

For those of you that have found me looking for an Electric Picnic lineup for 2008 with the following:

line up for electric picnic 2008

electric picnic 2008 line up

electric picnic line up 08

electric picnic 2008 lineup

electric picnic 08 lineup

Are you illiterate?? I changed the title on that post months ago to say ‘NO LINEUP YET’ and even made sure that you would see it in the google results so you wouldn’t have to bother to click.

So have patience, check here or just cuddle up to somebody in Pod/Aiken because you aren’t going to find what you want here until they actually release the lineup!


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