Soul Cleansing Music

March 4, 2008

I am feeling worn out this week- being a night owl is a great thing during the weekend but during the week when working hours have to be observed it is a damn struggle.  It was also a busy week last week with three gigs and the Awards so I need some down time.

When I am feeling like this I do what some people do and go back their old comfort music…which in my case is very old…as in classical.   This may come as a surprise for those of you who know how much I love the chords of Karen O and a liking for a band named after an airfield in Germany!

What I need is not just something that will clear out the head but will reach deep down into the soul with a resonance that will still things in the heart.  It’s not just any classical music I am talking about either; it has to have themes and instruments that have the power to do this which for me is usually the viola, cello and oboes.  I especially love the sound of oboes and it would probably explain my addiction to reedy high pitched voices and falsettos in modern day groups. 

So just a few examples of what I am listening to tonight- I am not actually listening to them in YouTube but will throw these up since I never ripped any of the classical cd’s.

Telemann Oboe Concerto’s

Vivaldi’s Cello Sonatas

And actually something on a larger scale…

Holst- The Planets- Mars Bringer of War


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